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Why Video is the Key Role in Digital Marketing Strategy

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Digital Marketing Strategy
Digital Marketing Strategy

Video as a Rising Social Media

According to Internet research, video marketing will account for 73% of all consumer traffic by 2017. Both current statistics and predictions indicate video’s rapid rise as a social media. It’s clear that marketers need to include video in their content marketing strategy in order to provide superlative exposure for their businesses online.

Today, more companies understand that video has a key role to play in the content marketing strategy. It is a tool for dominating user’s attention and delivering a brand message effectively.

If your company has not incorporate video into content marketing in 2016. You are making a big mistake in your digital marketing approach. The following information will provide some background on why video is key part of any successful content marketing strategy and also provide some useful tips in the process.


Why Video is the Preferred Media

According to the Internet research, 76% of online users recalled watching a video ad on a website they visited within the last 50 days. Of those, 36% took some sort of action after viewing the ad by searching for more information, visiting the advertiser’s website or purchasing the product featured in the ad. Therefore, video has become the most favored form of content.

Other statistics also included in the report, supports the facts that video marketing increases sales and leads. It also shows that those businesses who are not leveraging video marketing, are losing out.

How to Make Video Marketing More Effective
How to Make Video Marketing More Effective

How to make Video Marketing more Compelling

Video Length Matters

Internet Research said that marketers have 10 seconds to grab the viewers’ attention in a marketing clip. Furthermore, 33% of users will click away from the video in 9 sec or less. These numbers seem to hold true irrespective of the video duration. When it comes to platforms, desktop users seem to have an attention span of around 1 min or less, while mobile users seem to stay a little longer, around 2.2 min.

In order for your video marketing efforts to be effective, it’s important to engage right from the start and pay attention to your video analytics data to gain insight into user behavior.


New Trends in Video Distribution

The next important factor is where you place your videos. An increasing number of content marketers are opting to upload their videos directly to Facebook, rather than publishing them to YouTube and sharing the links on Facebook.


Quality Content

The quality of your videos is the key to success. Here are a few tips for producing great video content which not only increases engagement but can offer SEO benefits too.


Video content should solve problems and provide useful information

In order to produce engaging videos which rank well, you need to solve user problems and provide new, useful information.


Use interactive elements

Video elements to connect with viewers include URL links, surveys and reviews, all of which can create engagement at the correct moment and prompt users to take actions.


Create Eye Catchy Titles

Making use of eye catchy memorable titles, you’ll stand chances to maximizing user engagement and driving targeted traffic online.


Provide Detail Descriptions

It’s important to include a complete description telling your visitor what your video is all about. This will maximize the chances of getting targeted traffic and exposure.



Now you have learned the priority of incorporating video into your digital marketing strategy. It’s always better to start now and get to grips rather than later and lose grip of potential clients to your competitors..


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